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There is nothing self-serving about your press and public relations. Your company's communication should be harmonised with your strategic corporate objectives, supporting you as you move decisively closer to achieving your goals. For more than 16 years this is exactly the approach we have taken on behalf of our clients – a roster of clients that includes the most significant names in the real estate industry, many of whom we have been serving for ten years or more. We work closely with our clients to develop the stories, topics, messages and strategies that build their brands, position their services and products, and establish their senior management as industry experts. Of course, we don't just develop these strategies; we implement them, ensuring that they deliver successful outcomes. [read more]

Holger Friedrichs / Managing Partner / Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH

Feri EuroRating Services AG:

„What we appreciate about Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH is the competent consulting, the many critical discussions of our strategic positioning and the dedicated support for our rating and valuation activities [...]"

Dr. Tobias Schmidt / CEO / Feri EuroRating Services AG

Skjerven Group GmbH:

“As demonstrable expert in the area of real estate communications, Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH is the perfect partner for positioning our company. Skjerven Group benefits [...]"

Einar Skjerven / Managing Director / Skjerven Group GmbH

IFM Immobilien AG:

“Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH has managed the corporate communication of IFM Immobilien AG since 2009. We appreciate above [...]"

Volker de Boer / CEO / IFM Immobilien AG

IVD Bundesverband:

„We appreciate the comprehensive knowledge in the complex matter of real estate that graces the entire staff of Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH. Technical know-how and personal commitment [...]"

Jürgen Michael Schick / Vice President and Spokesman / IVD Bundesverband

Jamestown US-Immobilien GmbH:

„In order to discover new products and new avenues for our business, we have found viewing our business from a “bird’s-eye perspective” to be helpful. To be inspired hereby it is easy enough [...]"

Christoph A. Kahl / Principal / Jamestown US-Immobilien GmbH

Bonava Deutschland GmbH:

“We appreciate the versatility of Dr. ZitelmannPB GmbH. On the one hand, the company serves as mediator [...]"

Nils Olov Boback / Managing Director / Bonava Deutschland GmbH

Real I.S. AG:

“We were looking for an advisor capable of translating the entire investment spectrum of Real I.S. into the proper market approach – from retail products all the way to institutional funds. [...]"

Jochen Schenk / Vorstand / Real I.S. AG

UST Immobilien GmbH:

„When we repositioned ourselves on the market, we needed a new image brochure in order to present ourselves and our concept to potential investors [...]"

Volker Arndt / Managing Director / UST Immobilien GmbH


“Our collaboration with Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH, which started more than six years ago, has been a positive and dynamic experience for us. Having initially [...]"

Prof. Dr. Stephan Bone-Winkel / Vorstand / BEOS AG

d.i.i. / Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH:

„The interest shown by the market has grown steadily and in sync with the development and growth of d.i.i. ever since our company was set up in 2006. New locations and residential quarters[...]"

Frank Wojtalewicz / Managing Partner / d.i.i. / Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH

Dr. Lübke & Kelber GmbH:

„My successful collaboration with Dr. ZitelmannPB. over many years dates back to my time as Managing Director of alt & kelber. During that time, I got a first-hand impression of the professionalism and dedication of [...]"

Jürgen F. Kelber / Managing Director / Dr. Lübke & Kelber GmbH

BBE Handelsberatung GmbH:

„BBE Handelsberatung is a corporate conglomerate that includes the subsidiaries IPH Retail Consultants and ‘elaboratum,’ and whose 100 retail experts [...]"

Joachim Stumpf / Managing Director / BBE Handelsberatung GmbH

Accentro Real Estate AG:

„The team of Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH consists of top experts who support us in our entire service spectrum. What we have come to appreciate in particular [...]"

Jacopo Mingazzini / Member of the Board / Accentro Real Estate AG


„Our company is active in the field of project development and asset management of residential and commercial real estate. We hired Dr. ZitelmannPB. in order to [...]"

Mareike Lechner / Authorised Signatory / immobilien-experten-ag.

Terragon Investment GmbH:

„Following lengthy deliberation, we decided in favour of the communication agency Dr. ZitelmannPB. for our expansion strategy 'Senior Living'. We wanted the leading corporate communication provider in our industry, [...]"

Dr. Michael Held / Managing Director / Terragon Investment GmbH


„Quick. Professional. Superbly networked. Always driven to be even better. That is Zitelmann’s company. I have treasured our work together from the very first day. [...]"

Jakob Mähren / Chairman / MÄHREN AG

CG Gruppe AG:

„CG Gruppe is a mid-market group of companies active in the real estate industry across Germany, and employing a workforce of more than 165 [...]"

Christoph Gröner / Chairman / CG Gruppe AG

Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH:

„Since 2002, we at Ernst & Young Real Estate have cooperated very closely with Dr. Zitelmann and his team in all areas of our public relations activities. In the process, the whole team has, [...]"

Hartmut Fründ / Managing Partner / Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH


Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH, founded in the year 2000, is Germany’s leading consultancy company for the positioning and communication of real estate and fund companies.

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